Boutique Wellness Studio in Laverton & Geelong West


We have seven main energy centres running through our spine called chakras. Every event, emotion, memory gets filtered through these chakras. When blocked, imbalanced it can effect many aspects of our life be it our health, mental and physical, emotional, relationships, our growth ,etc.

Get in touch with your energy centers and channel more creativity, confidence and joy into your life.

We offer a unique chakra balancing experience integrating reiki, sound healing, meditation, essential oils, & crystals.

Prachi has designed this treatment using her knowledge of many ancient healing modalities ie reiki, crystal healing, Crystal bowls sound healing etc.

Sound healing ie crystal bowls and solfeggio frequencies run all through the session to amplify the healing.

Followed by 45 mins of reiki & crystal healing with carefully designed Chakra crystal kit.

Results for each individual is very personal however you can expect some of these from your chakra balancing session.

- experience more vitality & energy

- release deep rooted emotional pain, fears of limited beliefs & conditioned patterns

- Clarity

- Creativity

- Sense of calm & wellbeing

- Confidence in accepting and expressing yourself

- Feel purposeful, confident & connected with inner self and world around you.

- Better sleep& balanced mood.